Since we started in 2015, we've been busy exploring all the ways in which we can have measurable impact. One of the biggest needs shared with us by fellow scientists, entrepreneurs and early stage investors was to close the knowledge gap and explore: (1) What are the immediate but overlooked business opportunities in various areas of impact; (2) What does it take to successfully commercialize impactful research; (3) What makes a good "impact tech" investment and how to decide on the timing? (4) What are the challenges unique to various areas of research? On top of that, our deep-dive seminars are designed to give a quick overview of the state of science, costs of scaling, and players already in the field -- institutions, startups, investors, and corporates. The seminars last 3 hours and are invite-only. We get a very curated group of 15-20 individuals with practical, near-term interest in the field. Anyone can apply. We charge $85 which go towards the costs of the seminar but offer discounts for those unable to pay the fee. Please join our newsletter to be informed about our future seminars.



Our less formal events are, well, meetups! In the last 2 years, we has events on the future of food, preventative medicine, synthetic biology, and the impact of space technologies. 

If you want to stay in the loop about our events, it's best to join our Facebook group. We might be slowly moving away from Meetup in the coming months but you can still follow us there. And sign up for the newsletter, that's really the best way to keep in touch!


Occasionally, we also do community dinners.