Our deep-dive seminars are designed to give a quick overview of the state of science, costs of scaling, commercialization paths, opportunities, and players already in the field (institutions, startups, investors & big cos). Each seminar lasts 3 hours and is invite-only. We optimize for a group of 15-20 individuals with practical, near-term interest in the field. We charge $85 which goes towards the costs of the seminar. We offer discounts for those unable to pay the fee. Anyone can apply through forms linked below.

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You will leave the seminar knowing:
What is aging? Is aging treatable? What are the major biological processes that make up aging? What are the major breakthroughs in anti-aging science?
And, most importantly, how you can get involved in anti-aging as an entrepreneur or investor.

Our first seminar took place in July 2017, we are gathering a group for the next one. Tell us if you are interested in attending Cohort 2 using ths form.







The first quantum computing seminar is planned for early December. Apply here, space is limited.


"Cellular agrIculture" BY Liz Specht

You will leave the seminar knowing:
What is cellular agriculture? What are the major breakthroughs in the field?
Who are the main actors in the academia and industry working in cellular ag? What are the commercialization and cost curves for "clean" products? What are the biggest opportunities? How you can get involved in cellular ag as an entrepreneur or investor?

Cohort 2 will gather on November 21st at 5pm-8pm in San Francisco. Apply here, the space is very limited.



"New Technologies in Plant-based Food" by Liz SpeCHT

We will discuss opportunities all across the product development pipeline - from genetic mapping to develop better plant protein crop strains, to novel protein isolation and functionalization methods, to mechanical processing and formulation to better replicate the structure and flavor of meat.

Cohort 1 of entrepreneurs, scientists and investors will gather on November 20th, 2017 at 5pm-8pm in San Francisco. Apply here, space is very limited.