Solutions for a Carbon Neutral World

San Francisco, March 28th 2019

Climate change is real. Now is the time to look at atmospheric carbon as the opportunity of the century -- carbon and its compounds are a free, abundant resource, already used generously by the Earth’s biosphere and now looking for more industrial applications. Governments are ready to spend on carbon, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for products made with captured carbon. Agricultural opportunities are endless when matched with the right business models and funding structures. Kelp and algae farming are about to go big. New materials are waiting to be built. To get to a carbon-neutral world faster, we need new technologies. Let’s become miners of the 21st century. It’s a land (air?) grab waiting to happen!

Carbon will take place on Thursday, March 28th, between 4pm - 8pm in San Francisco. We will cover the nascent technologies that will usher in an era of profitable carbon removal as well as the status quo of carbon solutions and possible business models for implementation. We will also have founders of early stage companies giving lightning talks on their approach to mining carbon, while brand-name Silicon Valley investors will chime in with their perspective and approach. Below is a tentative plan for the half-day event:

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Noah Deich, the Executive Director of Carbon180, will define drawdown technologies and lay out the current climate and carbon landscape. This will reveal key insights into the scale of the problem -- how much CO2 gets put into the atmosphere every year -- and provide the foundation of knowledge needed to make an informed attack on CO2. Noah will also talk about the solution stack, players in the field, and present a few case studies of tech companies sequestering carbon.


Tito Jankowski from Impossible Labs will make the hard case for air mining. He will showcase technological solutions that are already looking for profitable business models -- including the crazy ones!  Tim will also cover promising (and often already scaled up) technologies currently looking for CO2 applications, and discuss the business and funding models that could be applied to atmospheric carbon-related solutions.  

carbon Lightning talks

We will hear from entrepreneurs and researchers working on carbon capture with a focus on the technology used, funding and growth path, and the potential for both impact and income in the coming 10 years.  We will be updating the list of presenters soon. If you are interested in pitching, please fill out this form. The lightning talks will be recorded, so it’s a good way to get the word out!

carbon capital

After the lightning talks, a handful of investors and inventors will gather for a fireside chat and a broad Q&A on overlooked solutions, unused funding models, and undervalued paths to Zero Carbon.


(more announced soon)

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Noah Deich is the Executive Director of Carbon180 (formerly Center for Carbon Removal), a non-profit organization on a mission to champion carbon removal through science and innovation. Prior to founding Carbon180, Noah worked in consulting and gained experience with energy and environmental market modeling, financial valuation, and corporate strategy in the energy and sustainability sectors. Noah received his M.B.A. from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and his B.A. from the University of Virginia.


Tito is an air miner and he has been other things: a biohacker, a hardware maker, a medical tricorder designer, and a patent infringer. Prior to the call to join the climate adventure, he co-founded the BioCurious hackerspace and built open source biohacker tools including OpenPCR. Tito holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University.


Maryanna Saenko, co-founder of Future Ventures, is an early-stage venture capitalist with an interest in robotics, quantum computing, blockchain, aerospace, and the future of food. Previously she was at Khosla Ventures, and prior to that at DFJ, where she worked with Steve Jurvetson to focus on frontier technology investments. She was also an investment partner at Airbus Ventures where she led a series of venture investments strategically aligned with Airbus’ future-of-aerospace initiatives. Before Airbus, Maryanna was a consultant at Lux Research and a research engineer at Cabot Corporation. Maryanna graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in BioMedical Engineering and a BS and MS in Materials Science and Engineering. 


Gustaf Alstromer is a partner at Y Combinator. Before that he spent nearly 5 years at Airbnb where he worked as a Product Lead on the Growth team, a team he helped start in 2012. At Y Combinator Gustaf works works with the first couple of companies funded from our carbon removal RFS.

Tech entrepreneur and a Founding Partner at Fifty Years, an early stage VC fund that backs entrepreneurs solving the world’s biggest problems with technology. With Fifty Years, Ela has invested in over 45 startups in areas such as food tech, synthetic biology, energy, space tech, health tech, autonomous vehicles, and more. Ela is a Y Combinator alum, previously co-founded Base CRM, the software shop Applicake, and was a Partner at Innovation Nest, a Europe-focused VC firm. She also runs, a platform for technologists in Silicon Valley who want to combine purpose with profit.