New technologies for genome editing and gene therapy have placed control of our own genetic code within reach of humankind. With new tools it becomes possible to cure genetic diseases, to live healthier, longer and happier lives, and to enhance human capabilities. How can we accomplish this? And what should we as a species do with these new abilities?

During the genome editing and gene therapy seminar we will cover the experiments and inventions that led to the development of these remarkable new tools and technologies. These inventions were derived from life itself: isolated from natural organisms and adapted for scientific and therapeutic goals. We will learn the history of how genome engineering tools, including CRISPR, and delivery technology, including AAV capsids, were created in their modern form. We’ll explore how genome editing and gene therapy technologies are giving individuals control over their own genomes, focusing on the treatment of genetic diseases. We will describe major companies and emerging trends in the gene therapy industry. Finally we will discuss how and where new discoveries, including accelerated algorithms for genetic engineering, will lead us in the near and distant future.

The seminar will be taught by Eric Kelsic, PhD, Founder and CEO of Dyno Therapeutics, a VC-backed biotech located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dyno is leading a machine learning revolution to develop enhanced capsid proteins that enable new gene and genome editing therapies. Eric co-developed the technology underlying Dyno’s machine-guided protein engineering platform as a Staff Scientist in George Church’s lab at the Wyss Institute of Harvard Medical School. He holds a PhD in Systems Biology from Harvard University and a BS in Physics from Caltech.

We’re gathering a new cohort for this seminar. Tell us here if you’re interested in attending.

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