The Quantum Computing seminar will provide you with answers to questions like: What is quantum physics and what is quantum computing?  Why are quantum computers (QC) so special compared to regular computers? What are the best applications of QC? What is quantum supremacy? What timelines can we expect for QC to fully come to market?

What are the major directions in QC at the moment? What are the recent breakthroughs in the field? Who are the main actors in academia and industry working on QC? Who are some of the bigger players in the quantum computing space right now? What are the biggest unexplored or underexplored opportunities in QC? How you can get involved in QC as an entrepreneur or investor?

The seminar will be taught by Dr. William Zeng is a quantum computer scientist and entrepreneur. He built and led the software and applications team at Rigetti Computing to the launch their cloud quantum computing stack. He is a co-inventor of stack’s underlying quantum instruction language Quil. Will founded and runs the Unitary Fund open source quantum software grant program. He received his PhD from in Quantum Algorithms as a Rhodes Scholar and previously worked on superconducting qubit systems at Yale and ETH Zurich.

We are gathering a new cohort for this seminar. Tell us here if you're interested in attending.