Why do we experience an exponential increase in disease as we age? Are the underlying processes treatable? What are the recent breakthroughs in anti-aging science, and how are these moving from academia into biotech? The Science of Aging seminar focuses on all the previous questions and, most importantly, how can you get involved in anti-aging as an entrepreneur or investor.

The Seminar on Anti-aging Science is taught by Martin Borch Jensen, CSO of Gordian Biotechnology. Prior to founding Gordian, he had an extensive career in academic aging research: after a M.S. in nanotechnology, he received Denmark’s most exclusive doctoral fellowship (EliteForsk) for his Ph.D. in biogerontology at the NIH National Institute on Aging/the University of Copenhagen. He then did postdoctoral research at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, modifying different aging pathways to extend lifespan in model organisms. As a postdoc he received the ~$1M NIH Pathway to Independence award, to start his own research lab. He returned this award to found Gordian, which is building the first truly scalable therapeutic discovery platform for diseases of aging.

The next cohort of this seminar will take place on Monday, November 18th. Tell us here if you’re interested in attending.