Food of the future


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David Welch, Director of Science and Technology at The Good Food Institute.

David has built his background while doing his Ph.D. in plant developmental cell biology at Utrecht University. He has more than fifteen years experience in the #lifescience industry, including the product development, market development and commercialization of cells, scaffolds, cell reprogramming tools and cell culture media for regenerative medicine and bioprocessing applications. At GFI, David helps companies and academic research institutions to accelerate the development of plant-based and #cleanmeat - the alternatives to animal meat products. And this is what he is going to speak about during our event;

Adriana Bałazy, EIT Food CLC North-East

Passionate food scientist with entrepreneurial experience gained over the years at food tech startup - FoPo Food Powder. Ada helps to transform the food ecosystem by connecting consumers with businesses, #startups, researchers and students from around the #Europe.

Working at EIT - European Institute of Innovation and Technology, Adriana grows the community of businesses making a dent in food tech Universe. EIT Food invests into companies from the industry supporting their innovative and economically sustainable initiatives which improve our health, our access to quality food, and our environment.


Environmental Impact

We're passionate about new technologies, especially the environment-friendly ones, enabling us to live better and healthier. We want to look and reach further! 🚀


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Dr Thomas Henry Culhane, co-founder of Solar CITIES Inc.

Solar CITIES Inc. which helps community stakeholders solve urban ecology and development issues surrounding waste-water, solid waste, food security and decentralized clean energy production. As a National Geographic Emerging Explorer since 2009 Culhane introduced his own designs for low cost bio digesters to community leaders in African countries.

Culhane has been a Google Science Fair Judge for 6 years with a mission to empower communities to regain ecological self-sufficiency!

Maciej Rys, Smogathon

A passionate globetrotter, entrepreneur who served as the Director of #edtech #startups including and @Early logic. Founder and leader of Smogathon - an initiative aiming to fight #smog using #technology. The Project has grown from being a society-driven, local #hackathon to the well-known, global movement fighting against air pollution in Europe, America and Asia. Maciej will share the lessons learned over last 3 years with Smogathon, the vision of scaling the initiative and his opinion about which technologies are going to make a difference in Air pollution area!

Zdzislaw Iwanejko, inventor, creator, engineer

Graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with a degree in Mechatronics. In his career he used to work on designs of technological solutions for Daimler-Benz (Mercedes-Benz) as well as an electric car for Die Post | La Poste | La Posta | Swiss Post.

He founded Iwanejko Electronics, which represented companies in semiconductor area such as Sanyo or Mitel. Today Zdzisław is an author and co-author of many inventions, holder and co-holder of many patents. Putting together his Engineering mind, entrepreneurial experience and passions for creation, he started HandyShower - company that aims to solve the water saving problem.


Blockchain - The Future Unfolding

We live in an information age, which is defined as a period in human history characterized by economies, experiences and interactions based on computers, networks, messaging and collective intelligence. The Internet lies at its heart. When the World Wide Web was decommissioned in 1995, no one predicted that it will take over the world and define our digital presence. Blockchain was conceptualised in 2008 as its already seen as the next step in technical evolution. 


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Katarzyna Kamińska, Co-founder & CEO of Trivial

Studied European law, and after a short flirt with the corporate world moved to the startup field and engaged with it from various angles, by bringing 2 international social impact communities to Poland, being a tech journalist at and Head of Communications at digital health startup DreamJay. And now she focuses on building Trivial. 
Trivial is an Ethereum blockchain interface where you can check anyone’s tokens & transactions. See top holders of tokens you own, find tokens owned by your friends or discover new tokens.

Paweł Pinio, Blockchain Engineer and CTO of nTitle

Pragmatic coder with over 8 years of experience in getting things done and also experienced blockchain engineer with strong technical, consulting and leadership skills. He builds a next-gen, decentralized licensing platform on top of the Ethereum blockchain. nTitle is a peer-to-peer network that cuts out the stranglehold that marketplaces and other “intermediaries” have on the gaming industry - gamers will actually own the game they purchase along with the alienable right to lend, sell, or gift it to whomever they like. Although initially focused on gaming nTitle’s vision is to be a gate to digital ownership and impact a range of industries and digital assets like documents, videos, music, books and enterprise software.

Bastien Hugon, Operational and Outsourcing Manager of Connaxis

Adept at people, cross-cultural and business management which allows him to run operations seeking excellence. Always looking to learn new things and enjoy to evolve in an international work environment, within cross-cultural teams. 
There is a lack of professionals and a great need of blockchain specialists. We will tell you more about Connaxis Pioneers, training idea during which you can become a blockchain specialist for free and even being paid a salary and get a job all over the world with our help.


biotech startup landscape | LIFE SCIENCE GAMECHANGERS

We met to take a look on constantly evolving biotechnology industry.

Advanced materials that can improve running preclinical trials, personalized medicine or clean meat - these are the hot topics in the LifeScience field all around the globe. And there is a lot of incredible stuff going on in Poland!

With our amazing speakers from fascinating Polish #biotech startups discovered the technologies that are changing how the world of medicine, bioinformatics and data science operates nowadays.
We discussed some of the known questions: 

  • Why 95% of medicines do not pass clinical trials? What can be done about it?

  • How technology can increase our chances in battle with cancer and other sicknesses?

  • How to solve many other important problems and combine it with making profit?

This event was realized with the financial support of the City of Krakow as part of Krakow Startup Week - StartKRKUp.


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Ardigen with a talk "Coding Against Cancer"

Ardigen is a Polish bioinformatics company that through its services and products supports Life Science & Healthcare industries advancement towards Precision Medicine in Oncology.
During their talk, Michał & Piotr explained how Ardigen’s bioinformatics and data science solutions serve a positive purpose, make the impact and create value.

Biolumo with a talk "Are we facing the second dark age of medicine?"

Biolumo is a biotech start-up working on fast antibiotic selection tool for doctors. 
During her talk, Olga explained how much we own Sir Alexander Fleming for inventing the first antibiotic.

RealReaserch with a talk "How 3D cell culture technology can impact your life?"

RealResearch are developing a 3D cell culture technology to improve the outcome of biotech and pharma research. 
During his talk, Marcin told us more about their product, LifeGel - a hydrogel suitable for 3D cell culture that can improve running drug development researches. 


Back to school | The future of education

Going back to school have never been so exciting!
September just arrived and we were meeting to learn more about the impact of technology in education - why education is broken, what are today’s major struggles of the system and how technology can be a potential solution for that. With our amazing guests we talked about if it is possible to disrupt the old-fashioned, dinosaur-like industry. We took a look on newest trends and how to create a positive impact on the ecosystem with the use of technology! 


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DrOmnibus with a talk “Bridging the gap between therapists and children with autism"

During their talk Bogumiła and Michał told us more about how modern multimedia tools can support therapy and education of children with special needs and how applications can be used by therapists and educators.

DrOmnibus is a complex tool for supporting the special needs education and therapy of children with developmental and behavioral disorders (including autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD and mental impairment). DrOmnibus features a progress-tracking system along with a personal organizer of the child’s therapist, based on games and applications for mobile devices.

Brainly with a talk "Today and Tomorrow of Online Education In Poland"

Brainly, one of the most successful #Edtech companies from Poland, is the place to learn created for students by students. With the use of the world’s largest social learning network aims to bring high school and middle school students together to make learning outside the classroom highly engaging, effective and rewarding.

During her talk Ania Sieron, Content Manager at Brainly, tried to explain how does the online education looks like today, how Poland compares to other countries in this field, how does the future may look like and also explain why Brainly brings a significant change to the industry!


Technologies for Impact .Swarm

Seth and Ela were talking about using deep technologies for impact, why startup communities need to reinvent themselves by looking into biotechnology, space tech, food tech and commercializing academic research.

Mike shared about his work on Techfugees - a social enterprise mobilizing the international tech community to respond to the refugee situation.


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Ela Madej

A serial entrepreneur and a Founding Partner at Fifty Years, an early stage VC fund that backs entrepreneurs solving the world’s biggest problems with technology. Y Combinator alum who previously co-founded Base CRM, the software development company Applicake, and was a Partner at Innovation Nest, a Europe-focused VC firm.

Seth Bannon

Being a founding Partner at Fifty Years, Seth has invested in a range of startups shaping the world for the better -- from a company engineering microbes to produce industrial chemicals sustainably, to a company building small satellites to cover the earth with internet, or company culturing meat to eat.

Seth is also the co-founder of and the founder of Amicus Postcards. A graduate of Y Combinator, Seth was named twice to the ForbesForbes Under 30 list of Social Entrepreneurs who impact today's reality.

Mike Butcher

Small surprise. Our 3rd and last speaker - Mike Butcher, Editor of TechCrunch Europe!